Wandsworth - Joyful singing!

Our Week in the Forest... 

If you go down to the woods today be sure of a big surprise… for there you will find the Little Forest Folk wrapped up like presents under a Christmas Tree and joyfully singing, dancing, playing and chatting. This week we’ve seen the first frost on the grass and even a few flakes of snow but our delightful, resilient bunch have enjoyed every minute of their week with us in the forest!
With the cold weather, we have made sure we have had not just regular singing sessions to keep our spirits high but dancing, obstacle course races and fast-moving role-play! The children have created and adapted their own narrative to unbelievably imaginative levels! Over at Paradise the children have become absorbed in an extended version of Hide and Seek, only this time it’s the monkeys hiding from the ravenous crocodile. Clambering up the tree it was amazing to see quite how many monkeys could fit in one tree trunk. “Quick, climb higher!’ they shouted to their friends. One little monkey, so keen to keep the crocodile away, found herself some chalk and a plank of wood and set herself a challenge to scribe a sign “Monkey Home. Keep away!’ it warned. Now there’s writing for a purpose!

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Over at the Windmill the children have discovered a new favourite den. Personally, we would have thought a few too many low dangling holly branches might put them off but the children are undeterred by such minor impositions! “Big Bad Wolf coming! Back to the Little Pigs house!’ they shout to one another as they run and hide. Our days at the Windmill have also been filled with breath-taking adventure walks. As the children sat down by the lake cradling a hot chocolate in their mittens the snow started to fall. How magical to be sharing this moment with these fantastic little humans we all agreed!
Thank you for wrapping up your children well for the days in the forest. Happy, cosy children are what we want to see! Have a lovely weekend,

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Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk