Fulham - Splish, Splash, Splosh!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This has been such an exciting week in the forest with the move to our new base camp. For those who helped move some of our logs last week, the transition was seamless; for others who arrived on Monday morning to this new, alien base camp it was a bit more of a shock. Nonetheless, by the time we had sung our song, gone through our rules, of which we had one new one – don’t go in the river! And talked about the different things the children could interact with, smiles were aplenty, and the children set about their normal way of learning through play.

It wasn’t long before our new Nest and Mud Mountain were found; two areas that the children loved at our old base camp had been upgraded and now as the children enter the Nest, there are more trees to climb to which the Mud Mountain backs on to. Not only have these been new and exciting areas for the children to explore and take ownership over but our mud kitchen has also been upgraded. Now sheltered amongst some trees, with lots of fresh lose soil it’s been a joy to see children who may not previously have been interested in the mud kitchen now taking part in this activity.

Fulham   08:12:2017   1.png

On Thursday with the deluge of rain at lunchtime, our muddy activities became extra muddy and puddles were everywhere. Our children seem to love nothing more than splishing, splashing and sploshing through these puddles, seeing how big a splash they could make or even see what objects they could use to make even bigger splashes.

We are continually amazed at how resilient these children can be and how they take so much in their stride. Each day as someone arrived at the new base camp for the first time, the children who had been previously this week excitedly showed them around, pointing out the boundary and the new areas to play. It’s been a lovely week getting used to our new surroundings and neighbours (we’re now beside the gardeners cabins) and as Christmas draws ever nearer, we hope the carols continue next week!

Fulham   08:12:2017   2.jpg


Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk