Wandsworth - Scooping, squashing and rolling!

Our Week in the Forest... 

Wow! We couldn’t have dreamt of a more fun-filled and busy week at Wandsworth! Over at Paradise our children have been enthralled by the family of very friendly robins that visit us in the apple orchard throughout the day and at snack time. Keen to keep them happy and healthy the children set about making bird feeders for their little friends this week. Busy little fingers scooped, squashed, rolled and twisted their resources in order to achieve their hanging feeders before wandering off round the apple trees to find the perfect place to hang them. This led to lots of conversation about where else we could hang the bird feeders - in our gardens, on our balconies, in the park and on Wimbledon Common. Look out as you walk around Wandsworth - you might just see our creations hanging from a tree!
Crunching and swishing their way through the leaves and onto our site at the Windmill one morning, the children discovered that overnight ice had captured some dinosaurs in their tracks and left them frozen in time. Hanging from trees, hidden under logs and buried beneath sticks and leaves, the excitable archaeologists set about with self-constructed chisels, hammers and brushes to try and excavate the trapped dinosaurs. “We’ve got to rescue them! Come on! You can do it” they cried to one another. Fascinating explorations of ice followed with discussions around solids, liquids and temperature. Luckily the dinosaurs were saved by their trusty friends and taken off on an adventure walk to cheer them up after their terrifying ordeal!

Wandsworth  08:12:2017  1.jpg

We have been astounded by the children’s physical development of late and even our youngest two year olds are now regularly joining our afternoon hikes across the common! This week we’ve loved exploring the open meadow and steep hill at the Windmill. The children, creative as ever, have tried to find the most fun-filled ways to race up and down this hill. Running down holding your friend’s hand tight? Racing your friends from the very top and trying not to fall to your knees half way down? Rolling down all the way from the top to the bottom? Or even rolling down with your balaclava or scarf covering your eyes?! What a happy sight this was to behold! We’ve had such a blast in the forest this week and have loved every minute of it with your fabulous and fun children. 

Wandsworth  08:12:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk