Wimbledon - Artistic Skills

Our Week in the Forest...

What a week of different weather we’ve had in Wimbledon. Rain, warmth, sun, cold – all seasons in 5 days almost! Through everything, the children have explored, climbed, crawled, jumped, bounced and loved every moment. The magnifying glasses and binoculars have been a large draw for the children’s attentions and bug hunts have begun with one child and ended with nearly 10! Not only are the children’s observation skills improving through this close looking at their environment, but it’s also teaching them great handling skills, picking up dainty centipedes and worms gently and with extreme care. The children have then been sharing the opportunities to hold different insects and are carefully passing them between themselves so that everyone is able to watch the thousands of legs (or no legs) closely and possibly learn a new way of moving their own bodies!

Wimbledon   08:12:2017  1.jpg

Artistic skills shone this week with the children using some different mediums to make, well, whatever they liked! Painting was popular with the children, especially as they were able to mix their own colours and then, using sticks and feathers, created wonderful images on paper, tree and wellington boot alike! String has come back into vogue for the children too and making bows has been particularly popular both in the forest and at home for some. Finding the right arrow is hard, however, and lots of thought was put into finding the right sticks for the job. In fact, for any projects involving sticks, the children are very particular about the natural resources they use. Thankfully, the forest is certainly full of choice for such things.

Wimbledon   08:12:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk