Our week in the forest

It has been a wet wet week. Much to the children's delight. This has been a week to affirm why we do what we do. In weather that most nurseries would have locked the doors and focused entirely on indoor play, our children have been having a blast in the rain.... at one stage one of our charges in the midst of a heavy downpour wanted to pull her hood down to shake her head in the rain as she was giggling it felt like being in a shower!


As you would imagine we've had a lot of water and mud play, with the children enjoying transporting buckets of rainwater around the site using pulleys, wheelbarrows and brute strength and then using the water to form new little mud kitchens everywhere.

We've been experimenting with the dark this week, using the excuse of the rain to build little caves out of our tarpaulins and then using torches to experiment with the dark and the light. Great fun and some lovely sharing from the children to ensure everyone had a turn not only with building the caves but also in playing with the torches.


We've been enhancing our physical development with lots of balancing...on trees, on homemade see-saws, on slack lines, the children love the sensation of pushing their bodies to teetering to realise the exact moment they need to readjust their weight to balance carefully again.

Lots of story time in the forest also this week with many children spending a lot of time on literacy, both independently by reading books themselves and by sitting with practitioners reading stories. We love the fact that they are starting to get familiar with our stories and can shout out the missing words as we read aloud to them.


Cooking class this week was the usual messy delicious fun with the children baking and then scoffing burek with iceberg and cherry tomato salad and spiced fruit buns for pudding. They didn't save us any this week.....too tasty!

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