Our week in the forest


We've had a rather exciting week in the forest this week, as some of you might have already heard, our theme was The Final Frontier...Space! The children built rockets out of leaves, foil and sticks, they went to the moon and back and even explored the stars and all of this before Thursday! It was wonderful to see how creative, imaginative and innovative they were. Building the rocket really encouraged the children to play and build together, to explore and decide what materials they wanted to use and also how to problem solve. 

There was also face painting and again, lots of messy and muddy play. The children loved using the mud to create a beautiful mural using their hands, they really got stuck in. And they found another use for the mud when making a start on their Christmas cards.

We had another successful cookery lesson this week, the children made lots of different and tasty fillings for their jacket potatoes- a real winter warmer! There was a fruity salsa, a tuna, lemon and butterbean creamed filling, minted yoghurt with cucumber slices, and cheese and home made pickles with salad. And to top it all off, for pudding there was delicious fruit kebabs.

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