Our week in the forest


It's been another busy and fun filled week in the forest this week. Our theme was all about sticks. And luckily, I'm happy to say, that we have quite a few of those out in the forest! The children went on the hunt for all different kinds of sticks, big ones, small ones and they even had the tough job of finding one that was the same width as their finger. They worked so well together, helping each other along the way. Once they'd collected all the sticks they could carry, they explored making lots of shapes with them and comparing the different lengths.

And as normal in the forest, there was also lots of creative and muddy play. The children decided they wanted to use their investigative skills so they went on an exciting dinosaur hunt, (I'm not sure how many they found!) and they've also being working hard on their balancing skills, climbing the trees and there was endless fun on the rope swing, a firm forest favourite.
Another highlight of the week was our cookery class and this week we made everybody's favourite... yummy homemade pizza! The children loved playing with the dough, feeling the texture, kneading and shaping it. There was an array of different toppings for them to choose from and it was lovely to see how creative they were with their topping choices. They finished up with something sweet, making filo tarts with berries and a creme fraiche filling. More culinary fun to come next week! :-)

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