Our week in the forest

A huge congratulations to Sasha and Max who both welcomed the arrival of baby brothers into their families last week. They both seem to be adjusting very well to being the older sibling and we hope for as much sleep as possible for both sets of parents!

We've been talking lots about nature this week, about the differences between various natural objects in terms of size, weight, shape and detailed colours. We've also been using natural objects to create various crafts including depictions of Autumn, leaf helicopters, leaf rockets and the odd mud monster.

We have read lots of stories, have played lots of balancing games and the general fascination with our rope play and our pulley systems continues with lovely collaborative and creative play occurring especially around the pulley system - today it is being used to create a pile of leaves at one end of the basecamp which is going to be the base for a party for the teachers apparently ! Fabulous!

Based upon the huge success of our cookery lesson last week, this week we decided to push the boundaries a little further and ask the children to cook their own dinner! We are delighted to say they utterly loved the activity and created some delicious gorgeous looking food.....then more importantly scoffed it all immediately upon completion! It's so lovely to see their pride in their work and so nice to encourage such independence and creativity.

Little Forest Folk
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