Wandsworth - Great Explorers

Our Week in the Forest... 

3, 2, 1 – Blast Off! It has been a fantastic last week with our holiday campers. We travelled through lands far, far away on our rocket ship visiting our favourite planets on the way. We met aliens, asteroids and turbulence with courage and excitement - these foresters really are great explorers!
As usual we started our week at Paradise and with Spring finally upon us, the flowerbeds are beginning to look a luscious shade of green and have splatters of new colour each week. It was a wet, soggy day but as usual our fabulous Little Forest Folkers did not let it dampen their spirits. Our Holiday Camper friends helped us to build a treehouse in our climbing tree using their binoculars to spot the wildlife around us. Some of us spent hours playing underneath the tarp using the dripping water around us to help wet our watercolour paints. Further excitement came in the afternoon when, after the rain stopped, we lit a big fire with the help from all of our friends. We then sharpened sticks to a point to make skewers for our apples. Roasting our apples over the flames we noticed the apples changing colour slightly – “Look it’s getting darker, is it done?”. Luckily, they were, and as we chopped them open the sweet aroma of roasted apple wafted around the circle as the children started licking their lips. The delightful sound of munching ensued with the sound of surprised mmm’s! "I have never tasted an apple this good” remarked one of our friends.

Wandsworth 13_04_2018 1.JPG

Over at the Windmill we have also had loads of fun to cap off our Easter Camp. The setup on Wednesday was like stepping onto the set of an astronaut movie. Foil lined swings, logs and tarps turned the space into a rocket ship. The noise of countdowns echoed around the forest, we even heard “to infinity and beyond” from one of our children hidden in the bushes. Under our craft tarp children were making alien masks using the drawing and cutting skills – using a hole punch to add eyes to their figures too. The older Holiday campers helped to create planets to hang around the space, spending time to add the rings to Saturn and making sure that Jupiter is “much, much bigger than Mars”.
Next week, we are back to term time again and we are looking forward to seeing all of the friends that we have missed over the past two weeks. We hope that you all have a lovely weekend and see you next week!

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Little Forest Folk