Wimbledon - Building a bridge

Our Week in the Forest...

Our last week of spring holiday camps has been simply fantastic! We have so enjoyed spending time with the holiday campers and look forward to having them back again!
We had wedding bells earlier in the week, as the children decided that the bunch of tulips Xiao had brought in were perfect for ‘brides to carry’ and so began lots of role play around getting married! This evolved further when some children recognised that the pastels we had available for mark making could double up as ‘make-up’ and they set about getting themselves organised for the big event! 
Last week the children thoroughly enjoyed a construction activity to build a bridge across the small stream in the mud kitchen. This week they have continued to add to this, without any educators support required! It’s just as much fun trying to walk across the wobbly bridge, as it was to build it!  Extending upon this interest in construction, Sam introduced the opportunity to build a ladder between two trees. This took lots of concentration and collaboration, as well as huge amounts of patience as it wasn’t a quick task! We tested it out and it worked really well - lots of risk assessing by the children going on too, as we had to ensure that we wouldn’t get hurt when we climbed it.

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We had some very special visitors to the forest this week. Rachel, who is currently on maternity leave brought her baby boy, Bob in to see the children. They were both offered lots of love, cuddles and attention (even if Bob slept through the first half of his visit!) and Rachel answered lots of questions about what it is like to be a mummy!
Virginia and Leia offered children the chance to help build a fire with them on Wednesday before toasting some hot cross buns as a springtime treat! The children enjoyed this as a sensory experience with Leia, bringing the buns around for the children to smell and talk about the spices they could recognise. The children were encouraged to discuss their experiences of Easter and what happens in springtime. Sam shared a story about when he was a little boy and helped out on a farm when it came to lambing season as well!

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Little Forest Folk