Wandsworth - Patted, squashed and moulded

Our Week in the Forest... 

Quite incredibly, we started the week with a bitterly cold wind and yet more snow on the ground at Paradise. Knowing this was probably our final chance for snow for many months the children took to playing with it with great enthusiasm. Some gathered the snow in their gloves and patted, squashed and moulded it into strong and powerful snowballs whilst others collected it in bowls and watched it closely. It was interesting to observe the children’s responses to the snow and we discussed how we thought this reflected what we already knew about their personalities!

And then, just as it came, it went again and we were back to Spring! We’ve been blessed with a little warmth and sunshine this week and this change in the weather has enabled us as educators to expand and change our site set-ups. From painting paper, sticks and even faces, the children have revelled in the opportunity to mix water and paint together. We’ve also observed how incredible the children are at taking on new learning. We’ve had a big focus on den building over the last few weeks but this week we stood back and marvelled at how the children now initiate, lead and coordinate as they work in couples or small teams to lead this activity independently. This careful, considered and focused work is extraordinary for 2 and 3 year olds!


We’ve also admired our children’s capacity for loving nature this week and feel so grateful that they have this in abundance! An hour-long conversation and activity around a hole in a tree trunk and what might live there led to exploration with magnifying glasses and binoculars as well as referring to a range of information books to develop our discussions. Other children have been involving the trees in their play this week and even giving them names or roles in their family. We feel proud that your wonderful children are going to be the future custodians of these forests and wild spaces! Have wild and wonderful weekends!

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Little Forest Folk