Wimbledon - The possibilities are endless!

Our Week in the Forest...

The forest is just a forest, isn’t it? Well not when our Little Forest Folkers get into it, and the possibilities are endless! This week has seen a few new activities in the forest that have used our natural environment in ways that we haven’t done before, or for a while.

Mark-making and drawing became very natural as the children took out their pens, more accurately described as sticks from the forest floor, and learned how to draw all manner of different things in the mud that is still very present in the forest. Numbers were a big focus and with numbers written, the children then made a game of finding the correct number of sticks to match. This has extended into name writing on presents (look out for a gift in your nearest backpack!) as well as the making of lovely pictures.


The tools came out this week as well as making fires, sawing and using palm drills. The children relished the chance to get cutting with their new Little Forest Folk friends who are taking their first plunges into the wonderful world of forest school activities. They cut a piece of log, which was then carried over to the drill station. They then drilled a hole into the log pieces and stuck a stick into the hole that they had created. With a little paper sail, the boats were complete!

Wimb 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk