Wandsworth - Lords of the forest!

Our Week in the Forest... 

What a gorgeous week it has been. In our fantastic site that we visit, we are blessed with a perfect blend of sunshine, shade and the most beautiful dappled light that you can only get in the forest. The children have used their time this week to create pinecone birthday cakes for their friends, as well as collecting foliage and debris to stick to cards and turn into Lord of the Forest Crowns. Also, with the last leaves from Autumn being cleared from the forest floor, the ground is now perfect for drawing on - the children have developed a real interest this week in creating shapes and recognising letters that they have marked in the earth.
On Tuesday some of our intrepid foragers were interested in collecting the different coloured petals and leaves that they could see on the forest floor around them. So our educators provided them with a piece of card with a strip of double sided sticky placed on one side. The children then spent the next 20 minutes collecting and sticking. On arrival back with the educators, one child suggested that they turn their creations into crowns. So with crowns adorned our Little Forest Folkers exclaimed, “We are the lords of the forests!” and continued to rumpeter around the space!

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One consistent theme that has been with us for the last few weeks is the dinosaur river. This has developed and progressed over the last 6 weeks. This week the children have added a swimming pool for the dinosaurs to bathe in and also a dinosaur hotel, made from the sticks of the forest, for the dinos to relax and sleep in - and while you’re there why not visit the dinosaur library to learn all you need to know about each and every dinosaur!
Maths and Literacy can be made so fun and easy in the forest. Today the children were fascinated and intrigued by mark making in the earth. One group of children were gathered around each other - one was making shapes on the ground whilst the others watched. The watchers were trying to guess the shape being drawn. “It’s a circ...no…a square, a square!”. All the while other children were being helped to write their own names into the ground , recognising the important letters in their name and others too.
Once again, have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you next week!

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Little Forest Folk