Wimbledon - Climbing apparatus

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we have increased the amount of activities using ropes to build a climbing apparatus. We have used ropes as part of an obstacle course; built ladders and Sam even set up a rope walkway between two trees for the children to balance along, or slide along on their tummies depending on how confident they were feeling.
We have a new hammock in the forest and everyone wants a turn! We forgot how tricky it could be to get into a hammock, and then also to stay balanced and not fall out! We envisioned that the hammock would be a lovely place for the children to lie in and just ‘be’, which it is, but we hadn’t anticipated just how valuable this resource could be for building up our skills for perseverance and physical development too.

Wimbledon 11:05:2018 1.PNG

After reading the story of the enormous turnip, our Little Forest Folkers decided to re-enact the story too! We set up a little stage using wooden pallets and placed a large piece of fabric behind us to act as a backdrop. The children were great at remembering the plot of the story and some of the words. Prompts were provided for those children who wanted to recite the lines properly too - such fun!
Later in the week we used spices to make our own natural paints. We encouraged the children to enjoy the sensory experience of smelling the various spices (turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and paprika) before we mixed a little water with them to turn them into paints. The children really seemed to enjoy mixing them to see how the various colours blended together, before going on to create their artwork, which consisted mostly of painted logs!

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Little Forest Folk