Wandsworth - Wondrous Treasure

Our Week in the Forest... 

Glorious! Wonderful, life-giving sunshine has filled our week. It seems that mother nature has flipped a switched and it only feels like last like week we were wrapping ourselves up in 4, 5…8 layers with gloves and hats. All of these have been thrown into the cupboard until next year while we don our sunhats and get out our shades and slip, slap, slop our sun cream on. Long may it continue!
The week started on a pirate theme. The stage at Paradise Co-Op urban farm was transformed into a mighty Pirate ship, with our Little Forest Folkers taking turns to steer at the helm. All hands were on deck to help spy any treasure on the horizon using the telescopes that were continually made, remade, redesigned and skilfully mastered. Further on deck hands created treasure maps to help the helmsman take the correct route to our mighty bounty of wondrous treasure. After sailing the Seven Seas we took a break to create a camp fire. The children were very observant, noticing the difference in smell and colour of the different wood that we used. They also commented on the change of colours of the embers from brown to black and white, to white and red. We then added pine needles and rosemary to the fire to experience the different smells and sounds.

Wandsworth 20:04:2018 1.JPG

It has been another week of pushing boundaries in the forest. The climbers wanted to climb that one branch higher, others wanted to make our dens bigger and better and some of the role play is becoming more elaborate and in depth. We love seeing the children pushing themselves even more to try to be the best that they possibly can. Inspired by the older children that they have seen climbing, some our younger Forest Folkers are following in their footsteps by scaling the spider webs and settling at the top to watch the world from a different angle.
It has been a wonderful first week back after the Easter Holidays, full happiness, friendship and sunshine. We hope that you all have a lovely weekend. See you next week!

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Little Forest Folk