Wimbledon - Kitchen fun!

Our Week in the Forest...

Through a chillier week with spits and spots of rain, our Little Forest Folk-ers have played, painted, splashed and smiled. Despite the rain, the children had a wonderful time with the extra water. A clear tarp was set up both as a shelter and as a canvas, which the children certainly made their mark on. With paint, the children used their hands, sticks and paintbrushes to draw turkeys, turn themselves into the Hulk and added lots of spots of colour to an otherwise drab shelter! The water made a great experiment, where the children used sticks to see how they floated and assed which shapes and sizes would be good depending on the size of the puddle. 

Wimbledon 17:08:2018 1.JPG

Our Little Forest Folk-ers are growing in confidence in their abilities to cook in the forest, both with real, edible food and natural, pretend food. The seriousness of our budding little chefs is testament to their love of what they do. Making a soup is now a 45 minute process involving all of the best ingredients from around the forest. Their secret ingredient, however, is soap, which apparently is the thing needed to make anything tasty! Of course our good friends, the blackberries, featured heavily in the recipes this week. Some were used unadorned and their freshness was very tempting to the children. Some required seasoning: salt, pepper, leaves and dirt were the mainstays.

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Little Forest Folk