Wimbledon - Love Wins

Our Week in the Forest...

With LGBTQ History Month being celebrated every February, we at Little Forest Folk have used the month to celebrate Love and its powerful presence in family life - regardless of how different each family may be. 
The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading lots of books this week, one of their favourites was "The Big Book of Families" which is about families who come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst enjoying these books with educators, children have been eager to share stories of their own families and how much they love the people who are special to them. 
Our Forest Folk community really wouldn't be much without the fantastic parents and families that support us and one parent helped top our 'month of love' off with a very special "Love Wins" cake - judging by all the love the children talk about in their families, we couldn't agree with this message more! 


The glorious weather has continued this week and it has given our Little Forest Folk-ers a chance to liberate themselves from their waterproof jackets, don a high-viz vest and explore the surrounding forest outside of our site. Children have really enjoyed exploring Beverley Brook and we have seen their confidence grow in leap and bounds as they jump from the banks into the shallow water with slight reduction in educator support. These adventure walks have also given smaller groups of children quality time with educators and we have seen lots of games being played - one has been a variation of 'hide and seek', except the seeker can only use their ears to 'look' for the hiders who need to remain silent in order to not give their hiding place away. The length of time children have been able to stay quiet has lengthened a little as the week progressed but it is not usually long before a giggle gives a clue to a hiding place or a little head popping out from behind a tree shouting "I am over here!" has completely given the game away! 
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and may the beautiful weather continue! 

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