Wimbledon - Mud and Digging!

Our Week in the Forest...

What a muddy, messy week it’s been in Fishpond Woods. With more mole hills than ever giving the best digging terrain, the children have been getting to grips with the worm-rich soil and imagining all sorts of play with it. Cookery is an obvious favourite pastime, and with lots of pots and pans around, setting up a little forest restaurant seemed the ideal choice for some children. There was strict managerial oversight, but very genial waiters and the mud soufflé was simply delicious. Some diners even got to mix their own food before they ate it!

Wimbledon   10.11.17  1.png

Adventures have been on the cards this week, particularly on the way in and out of the forest. The children have really enjoyed these deviations through different parts of the wood, discovering lots of new things: huge tepee’s that everyone can fit inside of; winding rivers that carry away leaves, sticks and anything else the children choose to throw in; and huge cauldrons (muddy puddles) that have been used to create potions on a massive scale!

Wimbledon   10.11.17  2.png

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk