Fulham - a new brushstroke of colour as our forest comes to life

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the sun has arrived in full force and with it butterflies, ladybirds and bees a plenty. The forest is alive and our adventurers, botanists and biologists, have been examining its acceleration in activity. Every day we are greeted by buds opening and a new brushstroke of colour as our forest comes to life.
Two weeks have passed since moving to our new location in the forest however we continue to explore and detect! This week excitement spread throughout the camp at the discovery of two protected stag beetle larvae, each about a golf ball in size, which were found in the ‘jungle’ by one of our dedicated explorers. He knew at once he had found something truly special and with great pride gathered children and teachers to the nest. With success the larvae were relocated by the Palace gardeners to a new home where they will safely grow into magnificent stag beetles. This was a fantastic first hand act of preserving and protecting a great species in our forest, and it was beautiful to witness this display of care and respect the children have for our natural surroundings and animals.

With our new location comes a new trail into the forest. The duration of this trail has progressively grown longer and longer due to the fact the children have now established an exciting landmark that we now visit and climb daily. This of course is our new “giant climbing tree” which gently rests on its side providing an abundance of climbing opportunities. The trunk has a diameter of around two meters at its base, that has hollowed out at one end, allowing the children to both climb and also enter it. This new landmark provides the children with a variety of physical challenges and developmental opportunities which the children now run to each day, greeting the once giant with joy and excitement.
Our week has also been that of creativity and storytelling. We have seen our children’s stories come to life through drawings and plasticine models. Our images and stories have involved unicorns, astronauts, superheroes and monsters.
We have had a glorious week full of sunshine, discovery and creativity, hopefully just a hint of what’s on the horizon as we look forward to this great season of Spring and all the fruitful activities and learning opportunities it will provide.

Food in the forest:

Menus will be changing next week as we head into April - look out for our tasty new dishes and menu changes which will be sent out over the weekend.

Our full April menu can be found on our website HERE 

New snack:

Butter biscuits with Rosewater
These are a little bit like shortbread, a buttery dough with flour, sugar and egg yolk. We flavour them delicately with natural rose water for a delicious summer flavour.

Have a lovely weekend, and for those who we won't see over half-term have a wonderful Easter!

Little Forest Folk