Wimbledon - Ahoy pirates!

Our Week in the Forest...

The Little Forest Folk Navy were all out on the high seas this week. Pirate ships roamed far and wide, from the Imagination Tree to the blackberry bushes and all across the wide, wide meadow. The little forest folk had to be careful that they didn’t cross any of the pirates otherwise they were forced to walk the plank. However, some found this a very enjoyable pastime, as long as they had their ‘surfboards’ which were essential for avoiding all of the sharks and crocodiles that wanted to eat them. A large ship was constructed too, using pallets and sticks (with dustbin lid sails) but this later transformed into a spaceship that started the children ‘floating’ and ‘jumping’ to get around – just like the astronauts!
The forest gained a new library tent this week, which has been the centre of attention for all of the children as they enter the nursery in the mornings. This cosy little shelter has attracted lots of children to it for stories and it has taken on a really cosy feel for them, being an especially favoured spot by those in need of a little comfort as they get used to all of the new things that starting at Little Forest Folk entails. The tent itself, with its triangular bunting across the opening, fitted right in with the nautical imaginings and appeared from a distance to resemble a great shark’s mouth gaping wide with it’s bunting teeth ready to chomp any unsuspecting sailors.

Wimbledon 22 september 1.jpg

Occasionally children have little slips in the forest and need some attention, and our practitioners are always ready with a plaster or pawpaw cream (or more) when needed. This caring is something the children try to emulate too and suddenly the forest is filled with doctors, on call for any injury, whether real or imaginary. This week saw the dedicated physicians gluing bones back together, draining out or “flashed out” blood and water from poorly patient’s parts and wooden plaster casts strapped to limbs to ensure a full recovery.

Wimbledon 22 september 2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk