Wimbledon - Explorations

A week of explorations!

A week of explorations!

The wider nature reserve has been our playground this week. We've been looking for tadpoles, watching the rain splash down on the pond, we've found trees with fungi growing on them and have learned all about different trees and their textures and leaves. 

The children felt theatrical this week so we indulged in some fancy dress and then created a forest stage where they delighted in taking turns to perform songs to their friends and we even had some performances of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a big furry wolf ;-)

We've been using a lot of tools this week. Some children used palm drills and elder to make necklaces. This proved to be a very popular activity and soon enough everyone was joining in! There may be a glut of elder necklaces being worn around Wimbledon this week!

Mini beasts have been all over the forest after the recent rains so we've been exploring the different homes insects like to live in and have even held a mini beast or two - to the children's delight!

Fun in the forest

Fun in the forest

Our trees this week have been fire engines, cars, garages to fill incoming 'cars' with petrol, hospitals, tunnels, caterpillar homes, birthday party venues and much much more.

We've been drawing in the sand and mud. We've been writing on our clipboards, we've been filling, transporting and emptying our wheelbarrows, we've squelched, we've skidded, we've slid and we've rolled. We have been full of love and have had lots of cuddles and hand holding. What warm hearted Little Forest Folk-ers we have!

Parent request

With the weather being mostly glorious these days, this is just a reminder that when the children arrive in the mornings they need to have their first layer of sunscreen on as we don't apply sunscreen until we arrive into the forest site. Also, please ensure that on sunny days your little one brings a sun hat. 

Some children are still attending wearing lots of layers. We ask please if you can check our clothing suggestions below as many children are baking hot when they arrive as most days now they only need a tshirt & a fleece just in case. 

Term dates

We'd like to remind you of our term dates. Half term is coming up from 31st May to 3rd June when sessional children will not be attending and instead we will be operating holiday camps. If you wish your sessional children to join us in half term or in the summer holidays, please visit our website to check availability and book your place. 

View our term dates

Dressing for the weather

The warmer weather (fingers crossed) looks here to stay!

As a guideline next week the children should be wearing:

  • ONE pair of comfortable trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • One t-shirt 
  • ONE fleecy zip up jacket  (in a backpack just in case)
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies 

Now that the sun is here to stay, we would ask that on sunny days you apply a layer of sunblock to the children before you drop them off. We will then top up their sunblock regularly throughout the day. Also, please ensure the children have sun hats on sunny days.

Next week in the forest

Next week we will be mad about mini beasts! We are looking forward to lots of wriggly, furry and creepy fun!

Enjoy the weekend.

Little Forest Folk