Our week in the forest - Holiday camp bird play!

We've been going on bear hunts

We've been going on bear hunts

We love holiday camps! It's been so lovely to see the children engaging with the older children.

We've been experimenting with bird play this week. We've been practicing using technology to call birds using bird song apps and have then been recording our attempts to imitate the bird calls and see if our calls can attract any feathered friends. We were very excited to play with some toy birds that made bird calls and were amazed when the robins replied. We then had to go on hunts to find the robins, who were very obliging and danced around us cuing lots of requests for face painting to look like robins. We tried! We picked pretend worms up with our beaks and loved perching on a branch, running to catch 'worms' in the meadow and running back to the branch when the 'eagle' was approaching.

Sensory fun in the forest

Sensory fun in the forest

Lots of creativity this week has meant lots of fabulous establishments have been built in the forest. We've had fairy treasure castles, ice cream shops, mud shops and a bathing station for our little babies.

We've been going on bear hunts, going to be catching big ones but haven't been scared. We've squelched through the mud, tiptoed through a cave and splish sploshed across the river. 

Sensory activities have been popular this week. We've been experimenting with touch of different surfaces as well as crushing and smelling various herbs to see if we can correctly guess the type of herb we are smelling. A lot of herbs were declared to smell like spinach ;-). 

Bird play this week

Bird play this week

We've had a week of children loving music and have been repeatedly singing


'Wake up, wake up little children
Sunlight sky bright, Spring is coming now
Gusty March winds blowing, daffodils are growing
Birds sing, bells ring, there's blossom on the bough'

Finally for cookery class we made petit pois and herb pesto as well as cheese and olive bites. Tasty!


Another week of holiday camps ahead - we are really looking forward to more big boys and girls joining with us for another week.

Also joining us in the forest this week is Manuel who has spent a week training with the team before moving across on 11th April for the Chiswick opening.

We'd like for Spring to recommend warm wellies. These wellies are neoprene based which makes them extremely flexible for easy running in, plus they have great grips and are much warmer than standard wellies so we highly recommend them.

Dressing for the weather

It's time to wave goodbye to thermal layers!

Fleecy trousers / jogging bottoms
Thin jumper
Thicker fleece/wool jumper
Thick fleecy zip up jacket
One pair of socks

Next week in the forest

Next week in the forest we are going to be welcoming holiday campers in to join in with our forest fun. Our themes for both weeks of the school holidays is birds and birds of prey. We look forward to learning lots and playing lots around the subject of birds.


This week, due to the cold Tuesday we stayed with soup for a final day then switched to our Spring menu on Wednesday.


Homemade granola with coconut milk and fruits
Hot cross buns
Carrot soup with wholemeal rolls
Apples and oranges
Pea risotto


Homemade granola with coconut milk and fruits
Oat & raisin cookies
Pea and noodle fritters
Apples and breadsticks
Smokey baked beans with pulled pork


Homemade granola with coconut milk and fruits
Banana bread
Vegetable rolls
Pears and rice cakes
Cooking class


Homemade granola with coconut milk and fruits
Three cheese & chia seed cookies
Bread cones with egg salad
Apples and breadsticks
Asparagus risotto

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Little Forest Folk