Wimbledon - Little Fishermen

Little Fishermen

Little Fishermen

Our week in the forest 

What a gorgeous, crisp autumn week it’s been. We have loved noticing all the changes in the forest environment and have shared many conversations about why the leaves are changing colour and why they are falling from the trees. We have also noticed lots more acorns on the ground and spent ages trying to catch falling leaves and stamping on fallen leaves to find which ones make the best crunch sound! Apparently the “crispy ones” are best for this!

Some children have been very interested in exploring role-play themes around boats and fishing. We have seen children working collaboratively to build a boat (with just a little adult help for muscle power!) and make fishing rods. This has been a recurring theme with groups of children sitting together with their fishing rods; chatting about what they might catch and whose turn it is to cook the fish for dinner! We have posted a great video on our Instagram account of a little group of fishermen if you’re interested in catching a glimpse of this play.

Have a look here: Video of the little fishermen on Instagram

Another child-led interest this week has been in constructing fairy homes. Some children found a hollow log, which formed the perfect base for their creation. We noticed children hard at work collecting various natural items to make the fairy’s home look beautiful and could hear excited whispers amongst the children about how much the

fairies will love this house

, that it  

can be their secret house

and wondering how long it would take the fairies to notice their new home!

Fun and fairies in the forest

Fun and fairies in the forest

We have, of course been enjoying our usual out of site adventure walks again this week. We spent ages playing and singing songs in a big log den that we found and went hunting for some good climbing trees. Due to the interest in fishing this week we might suggest some waterside adventure walks next week and see if the children would like to bring their fishing rods!


We have scheduled in Parent’s Evenings to start in the last week of October. You will all receive an email with a link to book a time slot with your child’s key person. These slots are only ten minutes, as they provide a brief overview of your child’s progress over the past few months and allow you to ask questions, or to raise any concerns you may have. Please remember that you are welcome to book a meeting with your child’s key person or myself at any time during the year if you feel you need longer.

David, Wimbledon Outdoor Legend

David, Wimbledon Outdoor Legend

This week we have welcomed our new handyman and general outdoor legend David to the team. David has returned from a year of travelling and volunteering with various charitable organisations. Most recently David has been in Nepal working with the charity Good Earth Nepal, which assists in rebuilding villages and communities that were badly affected by the Earthquake of April 2016. We are very excited to have David join our team; he is dynamic and friendly and had hoards of little friends when he came to join us for a trial day in the forest last week.

Next week our menu will change to reflect the seasonal change which sees us returning to our soup menu. Becky cooks up scrumptious soups packed with loads of veggies, and we will also be providing bread. The soup flavours vary (butternut and coconut; tomato,courgette and basil; carrot and honey and sweet potato and lentil) so we will have to let our harsh critics inform us of their preferences!
From Friday 21st October you are all welcome to book your child in to our Friday night discos! The children have really been enjoying this and we need more dance partners! Children attending the disco will be provided with a small snack too keep them going…and there may even be some ‘cocktails’ available :-)

Please contact Stephanie if you are having any trouble accessing the webpage, or if you have any questions about this.

Dressing for the weather

It felt chilly this week! It's glorious when the sun comes out but mornings have been a especially nippy! We recommend packing a pair of gloves, a hat and an extra warm layer (jumper/fleece) into your child's bag next week, just in case!

As a guideline next week the children should be wearing:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • One long sleeve top
  • One fleecy zip up jacket 
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies 
  • Their waterproof layer

We hope you have a lovely weekend!