Wimbledon - Teamwork

Our Week in the Forest...

Teamwork makes the team, work! The children have collaborated beautifully this week and together have achieved their common goals.

On Monday, we introduced a wagon to the children. They often see us using wagons to move objects around the forest but with a spare one at hand, we decided to use it in our play. They began by painting it and were so excited to get creative and add their personal touches! We experimented with mixing up the colours, discovering that we could make so many more colours than the four we had. It didn’t take long for the wagon to be beautifully coloured and it dried quickly in the warm sun.

Once the wagon was dry and ready to use, the children found numerous ways to use it upon the meadow. We filled it with logs and sticks, experimenting with weight and weight distribution. They soon realised they needed to work as a team to manoeuvre the wagon around the meadow. Our Little Forest Folk-ers negotiated turn taking, who was pushing and who was pulling. There were up to eight children at a time working on moving the wagon around, collecting things and dropping them off to another location. I’m sure there were some tired muscles at the end of each day this week!

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The fire has been lit again this week and the children have loved being part of the journey from cooking to eating. This week we cooked up some toast and beans and had beans on toast! Yum! They love to eat the foods they have contributed to preparing (even when it’s a little burnt!).

A beautiful week of sunshine had us all smiling and soaking up the vitamin D. Story time in the sunshine was so lovely and for those who enjoy stillness, together we participated in some fruitful bird and insect watching. The weather next week is meant to be even better!

This week marked the end of our holiday campers joining us in the forest, and we will miss their contributions to the group. Some lovely friendships were made and we hope they will reignite during the next holidays. We have also begun saying our goodbyes to the children who will be off to school in September. This has been emotional for all! To all those children heading off to school, we are so excited for you and wish you nothing but greatness!

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone. See you next week!

“Together, even the smallest can achieve the greatest goal.” – A Bug’s Life.

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Little Forest Folk