Barnes - Digging adventures!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week in the forest the children have been displaying amazing resourcefulness, resilience and independence in their projects.
Our digging area has become the focal point for some fantastic creativity. The children have dug a network of mini canals with diversions, dams and bridges. It took incredible perseverance and sheer will to dig out the trenches with mini trowels. Once a section was dug the children then tested the flow of water by pouring some down the guttering pipes and into the main reservoir. Mini projects sprung up all the time as small groups got together to build the bridges and tunnels. 

For the bridges, they used sticks of varying sizes making sure each one could reach across the gap. They then decorated the bridges, building sides out of twigs and leaves.

For the tunnels, the children dug the trenches down deeper and eventually moulded the mud back over the top. When it caved in they reinforced it with sticks so that the mud stayed and held it all together. Later in the week the rain came and for a short while their mini canal system was working on its own, but ultimately the urge to jump in the giant muddy puddle that was slowly taking shape became too much to bear and some serious splashing, slipping and sliding ensued.

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Whilst digging on one of the days the children unearthed a red brick and one of the children decided that he wanted to try and break it apart. After trying various different methods, he settled on using the back of a sauce pan, a large flat log and some muscle power. Other children gathered and soon everyone wanted a turn. Amongst themselves they decided that some sunglasses would need to be used as eye protection and gloves to protect their hands. After everyone had had a turn the brick appeared invincible. Unfortunately for the brick it proved no match for the determined group surrounding it. Eventually the brick snapped in half and then, little by little, they chipped away at it. After two days of repeated smashing, whacking and grinding the children had created a mound of red powder and a few small lumps of brick. With this new resource in front of them they quickly realised that it stuck to everything and so could be used to paint. They mixed it up with water and painted pictures on the logs!
The level of cooperation during role-play in the mud kitchen this week has been astounding! On one day, a large group of children all came to the kitchen to cook. With only limited pots, pans and utensils the children quickly formed small groups of chefs! They worked seamlessly together passing utensils to each other, asking each other questions and listening to each other carefully. The teamwork was wonderful to watch. Once their dishes were made they shared them and pretended to eat the cakes, soups and pies!

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