Barnes - Forest Supermarket!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have continued to show an incredible ability to cooperate and work together to achieve a shared goal.
One day the children made their own shop. They talked about what they were going to sell together before displaying the goods on a makeshift shop counter. Some of the children then decided to form a sales team and shouted out products and their prices. Others were in charge of gathering the money from the paying customers. The customers then took the pizzas and sweeties and showed great creativity as they pretended to eat their purchases. Some even went as far as describing the taste!

Barnes   19:01:2018   1.png

We also had some fabulous role-play when a large group of children decided that they would become doctors. It started with one child saying they were sick and needed a doctor. Soon she was surrounded by 11 doctors. Amazingly all the doctors then worked together to help their patient. They talked to each other about her symptoms and discussed what to do. Some gently stroked her head and others decided that she needed an injection which was duly administered, what a caring bunch!
We have also enjoyed some fantastic adventures this week, the children explored the muddy paths looking out for animals on their way.
A lovely week where we have had more new children settle in to the forest. They are all doing so well.

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