Chiswick - Splash, splash, splosh

Our Week in the Forest

A rainy Monday at Kew Gardens didn’t dampen our spirits! The children loved playing in the rain together and including newest team member Eddie! Together they built mini shelters and dens using sticks, leaves and grass for the little snail that we found, so that it wouldn’t get wet. This empathy is something we see constantly from our amazing children, who sore a deep care and understanding for animals, their peers and the environment. This week was also the second time we had visited 'the Hive’. The floor below us in the Hive is transparent so we waved hello to our educators and friends we could see beneath us. We took a walk through the wild meadow that surrounds the Hive and found an array of insects. Some of the children found ladybirds and counted the spots, comparing numbers with their peers.
When we ventured into the greenhouse, the children were keen to see the tropical fish and plants that originate from hotter countries – quite unlike the climate we are currently in!

Back at Chiswick, cooking is always taking place in the mud kitchen where our children enjoy making chocolate cakes and pasta with tomato sauce (their favourite things to eat). One of  the children decided he wanted to be a delivery man, and turned this role play into an extraordinary experience for all! He came and delivered us more food, knocking on doors with bags and boxes from ‘online orders'. 


Our afternoons this week have been full of adventure walks and visits to our garden plot. 
We planted sweet peas this week and went back to check if our beans and carrots planted previously had sprouted. We can see our carrots poking through the ground and the children took watering cans to water them.
If you would like to go and see what we have planted so far, the garden plot will be open for you all to see over the weekend from 11am – 3pm.

As summer approaches, we look forward to using the allotment to plant, grow and learn all about the life cycle of plants – and munch down our delicious homegrown treats!.

To end the week, we found some muddy puddles by the river in which to splash, splash, splosh. The muddy puddles were so squelchy that some of us even got stuck in the mud (or should we say, quicksand!) so the children helped each other out of the mud to safety – phew!



Summer holiday camps
Do remember to book up places for holiday camps during the summer holidays. Your priority booking is until Monday 22nd May. Check your email on how to book.

Dates for the diary

  • The next bank holiday when we will be closed is Monday 29th May.
  • Dates for May half-term are: 29th May to 2nd June.
  • You can see a reminder our term dates here

New Little Forest Folk settings

We're so excited to be opening two new Little Forest Folk settings in the coming months.

For more details about our Wandsworth nursery visit the web page here 
For more details about our Barnes nursery visit the web page here
Feel free to contact Carly with any queries:

Food in the forest


Our full May menu can be found on our website HERE 

Our houmous dip with crudites and wholemeal pitta
is always a favourite with the children.

The houmous is homemade with ground cumin,
ground coriander and lots of fresh coriander.
There are also some whole chickpeas stirred
through the garlicky, lemony, spiced dip. 

What to wear


For a guide on what children should be wearing follow our Spring kit list HERE

Team update

Staff swapsies
Over the coming weeks you may see some unfamiliar faces at the nursery. Our educators are taking part in Little Forest Folk staff swaps across our three sites to support continuous improvement and professional development.


This week we were delighted to welcome Eddie to the team.
Eddie has joined us as a full-time educator and has a passion for hiking and cycling. Eddie is also very musical, playing the trumpet, violin, piano and bass! We look forward to sharing his musical abilities with the children in the forest.




We hope your weekend is full of adventure and imagination!

Little Forest Folk