Fulham - Return of the muddy puddles!

Our Week in the Forest

This week we have seen our forest transform each day due to the great variety of weather we have enjoyed. From tropical heat to torrential downpours the children have negotiated new environments daily and even hourly, but perhaps the greatest result of the weather is the return of our most favourite muddy puddles! The return of sticky mud has allowed the mud kitchen to be in full swing, with a great variety of cakes, soups and other muddy foods being cooked, baked and prepared. Some children even decided to use the mud as a form of clay or other sculptural material and began to decorate our trees with eyes and other features.
The weather has dictated a lot of our activities throughout this week.
On the drier days we have continued our surge of wood work and construction, with the children making reindeer, giraffes and other animals through sawing and drilling. As the children progress with their confidence and learning with woodwork we aim to introduce different tools, therefore this week we have used a variety of drills for the children to explore. We have also been hammering using mallets and tent pegs.


On the wetter days we have decided to hold back on some of our resources, letting the children explore making shelters with ropes, tarps and sticks. As the children have grown in confidence using these resources we have seen a real development in their creative abilities. They are now leading their own problem solving for things such as shelter building or climbing slippery trees using their knowledge of the resources. A lot of this creativity occurs in our “nest” play area in the bushes, previously known as the “jungle”, which the children move in and out of, transporting ropes and other materials to form their castles, forts or treehouses.
With the variety of weather, the children and their senses have had fantastic opportunities to experience a rich diversity of surfaces, temperatures and smells. This has perhaps been the reasoning as to why our walk ins/outs from the forest have gradually taken longer and longer. The children have been investigating our forest that seems to be ever changing in its appearance, presenting us with a new adventure each time.



Summer holiday camps
Do remember to book up places for holiday camps during the summer holidays. Your priority booking is until Monday 22nd May. Check your emails on how to book.

 Dates for the diary

  • The next bank holiday when we will be closed is Monday 29th May.
  • Dates for May half-term are: 29th May to 2nd June.
  • You can see a reminder our term dates here

New Little Forest Folk settings

We're so excited to be opening two new Little Forest Folk settings in the coming months.

For more details about our Wandsworth nursery visit the web page here 

For more details about our Barnes nursery visit the web page here

Feel free to contact Carly with any queries: carly@littleforestfolk.com

Food in the forest


Our full May menu can be found on our website HERE 

Our houmous dip with crudites and wholemeal pitta
is always a favourite with the children.

The houmous is homemade with ground cumin, ground coriander and lots of fresh coriander. There are also some whole chickpeas stirred through the garlicky, lemony, spiced dip. 

What to wear


For a guide on what children should be wearing follow our Spring kit list HERE

Team update

Staff swapsies
As you know, you may see some unfamiliar faces at the nursery over the coming weeks. Our educators are taking part in Little Forest Folk staff swaps across our three sites to support continuous improvement and professional development.

We hope your weekend is full of adventure and imagination!

Little Forest Folk