Wimbledon - seasonal changes

Our Week in the Forest...

There has been a noticeable chill in the air this week as we head into the autumn, which has developed our discussions nicely about seasonal changes. The children have started asking to wear their cold weather accessories, so please pop some gloves, hats and scarves into their bags in the following weeks!
This week the children in Wimbledon have loved using guttering and plastic pipes to build water slides that have become mud slides as well as ramps for pebbles and sticks. Adults helped the children to alter the slides to different heights and children observed how the water and mud behaved. It must be said that fast running water from the steepest angles proved extremely popular and resulted in some very excited faces.

Building seemed to be a major theme in all the children’s play this week. Some small building projects have included lots of little birds nests with twigs and mud, decorated with autumn leaves and pebbles. We discussed the different types of birds throughout the seasons who might have different sized nests.

Some bigger construction projects have included castles, doctor’s waiting rooms and even a prison for a Big Forest Folk member who was accused of having stolen the Crown Jewels! What has really impressed us is the children’s ability to select materials with purpose and with a clear focus towards meeting their project aims. The more experienced Forest Folk children have even begun to lead some of our new members in collaborative play as well!

Little Forest Folk